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The Only Top King Forever the King of Kings all Three Sections Combined.

April 10th, 2022, was Palm Sunday Easter week, and I had chosen to spend it with my only son. We met up in Ft. Lauderdale; he flew in from California. He is my only lineage, past or present that I have known whom I have not seen in nearly seven years. I would undoubtedly see …

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To the Doubting Thomas’s of the Church and Outside the Church

Not long ago, I posted a prophecy I was given on September 23, 1990, 11 years before 9/11 and 16 years to the day my stepmother passed away. She had been my tormentor whose soul I pleaded for that she would not enter into hell.  My supplication for her soul began in 1982 when I …

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The 33’s of Scripture

You will find many places where 33 has a significant position in scripture. It was the age of Jesus (ancient of days) when HIS body was torn, and his death took place on the cross. However, it was only for three days; HE would be in the grave. Death cannot hold the author of love …

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Thank You For the Following Men Who Serve You LORD Support them LORD Have Your Children Subscribe to Them.

The image of the new Jerusalem in crop fields of England each gate is framed by an inverted pyramid/triangle shape winged angels standing guard behind them comprised of two raised sections for twelve. The star of David in the Center has ten raised areas. We are at 34 raised sections. There are 18 dotted circles …

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The Protector the Purpose of the Covering.

You will find a small 4-minute video on every site giving us a picture of the wilderness tabernacle. The video was produced by the Seventh Day Adventist, of which I am not a member. It is one of the first right-hand side widgets.  I do know that God requires one day to be set aside …

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He Will Destroy the Mighty and the Holy People

How adding a word or subtracting a word from the word of God can change its meaning and purpose.  God warned us not to alter HIS word laypeople have less to be concerned than the teachers over them.  We know the teachers will be held more accountable the parable of this could very well be …

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Ezekiel 33 You Have Been Warned by a Watchman

America is gone because we gave it to the wicked and when you give something to the devil he never gives it back.

We took the SON of God and cast HIM down for the false Jesus of Rome.

Psalms 12:8 KJV (8)  The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

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Part 2-It is Germ Warfare so rapture closer than ever.

You need to wake up if you cannot see the antichurch making one more attempt at killing Protestantism. It should be evident to many in the Church questionable gifts came into the Church after Vatican two. What appeared to be a holy undertaking the reality was everyone under its power stands back up in defense …

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Interceding for those who made poor life Choices.

This image has been used before in a post named “Congratulations, Abraham.  It’s a Boy!” The passage this points to can be found in counting the circles on the male upper torso.  Knowing the story is just as important.  In the old testament and the new only the men were counted, not the women or …

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The Opposite of War is Not Peace

It’s Love

We all know who loved us enough to wear a crown of thorns.

Below count how many tringles can fit and find in the bracelet that God seeks to give the woman A Nation HE loves the most. Then divide it by four to come up with how many pyramids we can …

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