Improved Lights Entering the World to Light the Way For Christ.

Well, not improved; after all, Jesus Christ created all the animals.  Man can’t do that with all his high-tech gear. We can make life and take life away. However, that was part of the fall, the first one that is. There have been three significant fallings since God began this.   I only said they were improved to draw your attention to them and get somebody’s goat, and he knows who he is. This is a continuation of Sharing the…

Light Emanating from the Holy One On to the World I saw the Light

Shine Jesus Shine That’s what this one reveals that the HOLY ONE in the center is Jesus Shining (God is, of course, not a crop circle; HE is spirit)  now, HE has a body that the angels can see but was first seen by man, they were watching to see why they were worshipping HIM.  We call HIM Jesus. He is revealing himself to be holy complete in need of nothing satisfied.  He emanates light 8 points surrounding…

Lighting the Menorah-Pay Attention to step 3

On this Menorah there are 12 flatten circular sections; there are twelve tribes of Israel. The most significant light gets lit first and then the others as outlined below. It would help if you did not ever extinguish the first light /candle; there are consequences when trying to light the others: the more truth one has the more valuable he is to the kingdom God rejoices in it, the more value, the greater the light. You have been…

Birds THREE they Be Delivering Light Unto Thee.

Would you please pardon my use of that difficult hard to understand King James English? Let me help you to understand it. There are 30 balls of light on our Menorah. Jesus was 30 when he began his ministry and 33 when crucified. He was ancient of days in the flesh and looked rather good for HIS age. The count altogether is 33.  Let’s look at the light first Psalm 30:1-12 look, and it’s about JESUS Psalm 30:3.…

Sharing the Light

Sharing the love of Jesus is part of the call of Christ. Let our light shine that the whole world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord. The featured image is made up of several references to light and the lamps found in the wilderness tabernacle and within heaven.  The light does not belong to me alone, as it is meant for the whole world. However, some desire to use the light for nefarious purposes; they once had…

Einstein Said It “God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe”

Einstein was a great man and a Jewish man.  He failed in lifes equation because he failed to carry the one that mattered the most.   Don’t be a fool; this is a great opportunity. You do not have to weep and gnash one’s teeth in a universe that is set to be wiped out by the SUN, leaving a lake of fire. If GOD did place dice, you could be sure it will always come up HIS way.…

Angry With the Wicked all Day Long

There are ten raised cuts x the eye of eight equals 80; subtract the pyramids that should have never been built. The devil makes slaves of you. G-d’s HOLY lamps Lucifer once carried made these and are pointing us to Psalm 78:1-72 The angry eyes have pyramids inside the number 8, Eight is the number of perfection (Christ) that’s why Sanat has eight reindeer and not six. Think of me as Daniel Jackson, who went through the Stargate…

Guess Who’s Coming?UPDATED

Someone other than myself solved this one Bless their heart, Father.  Thank you for sending help. What he did was combine the North and the South sides and blurred the image to come up with the face found in the shroud. Time to start doing the peace plan God has always wanted for us.

Do this, Do that , Do the other thing.

We’re not listening until you can prove you carry the most high in you! These are the half holy ones. The work of God has not completed them because free will is the issue with them as well as it is here with us we see them asking HIS covering to do what he was not equipped to do. The younger ones keep snatching the microphone from him and would rather see magic tricks than hear the word.…

Stop Messing With Israel

The raised blast particles are  27 or two 77 the other seven make up the bomb 777.    Psalm 27:1-14 (note 2×7 is 14) This works out really well when rightly dividing the word of God. Psalm 14:1-7 (14/2=7) we will divide the world and destroy the wicked using Israel as the Standard,  God’s woman who gave us a SON. 27 plus the bombs seven sections places us at the final and third Psalm 34:1-22 Psalm 34:7. God is…

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The Sultan of Three's Father, Son, and HOLY SPIRIT Equal THREES in the design God is One God revealed in Three Persons.They and I cordially invite you to leave Planet Earth and join them in their Heaven.

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