Business Card Evangelism

He looks nervous. God desires that none should perish; missing the next most significant event on God’s calendar would be such a tragedy the whole purpose of it all was to bring us to this. There are two new sites up to help with getting as many to the cross as possible in the shortest amount of time that I am allotted. I am about my Father’s business that’s why the websites and the business cards are to…

God Has Enemies Then There’s Apostacy

The Beatles song “Yesterday” was a great tune in my day. My Methodist friend, whose parents were in the choir, turned me on to the Beatles and introduced me to porn that his father kept in his bedroom nightstand at the age of eight.  My real life began when I surrendered to Jesus at the age of 23 in 1982; my taste in Music drastically changed along with my heart. The melody and tune are right; the words…

About That Flying Saucer Subscription on Some of the SitesUPDATED

I want the world to know that it was not flying saucers or aliens that removed the Christians from the earth; it was the resurrection we hoped many of you would join us in. It is only going to happen once; there isn’t another plan in the making. I want to let the world know that at some point. The enemy is going to tell you it was saucers and aliens and continue to deny God.   You will…

Children Belong to God

  A rattle comforts a crying child, and we are called the children of God. We lose children in wars and other violent ways. Fear not; they are in a better place—more about this after the Psalms that this crop circle highlights. The rattle handle has three circles, so it is the trinity holding it out to a spirit. Let’s find out whose spirit this touches.  When I first saw it, it touched mine. We are counting the…

Lifting the Veil – Raising the Curtain

This site and the others like it are here to reveal the message of God to the world the first bearer and bringer of light was turned against God by the congregation he was the last of the Angel’s created. Making him the youngest and most valuable as he revealed the value of the SON a covering for God who is Spirit,  God wore HIM to move among the congregation. Some of us are carrying him as well, …

Carrier of Precious Cargo ~ Pricelessupdated

This is a steering wheel on top of the symbol we use to describe the Trinity. Oddly I am in the transportation industry. I make sure that the cargo is secure and that the load gets to its appointed destination, and might I add safely. So with that in mind, we are not taking those who offend God into heaven with us, and why would we? My last name is Beaulieu; it means “beautiful place,” it was not…

Revisiting~ The Tabernacle of Tears

The image is that of a temple we find throughout America within them people who deny the very deity of Christ. Above the temple is the star of Bethlehem. At Christmas, these people shine as they sing wonderfully while they bring sadly no joy to God HE inhabits the praises of HIS people and though music is uplifting a snare is being laid to have you offend God. Be not deceived they behave as if they know HIM…

Reading the Bible for Yourself is Fundamental More Light Added

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results every time. It has been over 2000 thousand years the ones who want to control have been doing the same thing, and the same results happen. Note the S patterns are they for Salvation or Slaying in the Spirit?  We do have a passage here that addresses that very topic. Which of the two is more Important? The center of this book has 24 raised…

Winnowing FanUpdate

A fan is used when beating the wheat the heavy grains fall below the fan and the chaff gets blown into the fire. No one likes the parts that cannot sustain us. This particular fan has a witness to its appearance there are 409 crop circles that make it up. 409 makes a great all-purpose …

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Whatever happened to Blessed is He who Comes in the name of the Lord?

The featured image is the face of a man, and God made us in his image. It was part of the returned Aricebo message found in Chilbolton (Chilbolton is a village and civil parish in Hampshire, England). I happen to live in Hampshire, New Testament England. Making these crop images were balls of light (eyewitnesses).  God again, we know, is the Father of lights. He wrote his story into my life, making me sort of like the living…

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The Sultan of Three's Father, Son, and HOLY SPIRIT Equal THREES in the design God is One God revealed in Three Persons.They and I cordially invite you to leave Planet Earth and join them in their Heaven.

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