Battle Cry – We Don’t LOVE TRUTH and God Rejoices In It. The TRUTH that is.

Battle Cry is a publication produced by a great man who won many souls to Christ; amazing how his appointed time called home points to it is a wise man who wins souls. Before you judge me, know that the KJV served us and built America setting countless souls free from the clutches of the …

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Guess Who’s Coming?UPDATED

Someone other than myself solved this one Bless their heart, Father.  Thank you for sending help. What he did was combine the North and the South sides and blurred the image to come up with the face found in the shroud. Time to start doing the peace plan God has always wanted for us.

How the Passing of the Queen Plays on the Church

The Monarchy was meant to be a platform on which to notify the world that Jesus Christ is coming. She was the head of the Anglican Church, the church of the Angels.  Protestant by divine design and like any other Biblical Monarch, she was curious about her crop circles or the modern version of the …

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National Day of Fasting and Prayer Began With Abraham Lincoln a man Determined to set the Captives Free

Keep in Mind another way to refer to him would be Abe L. I always try and find the blessing in the blessing appointed times are everywhere.

The First National Day of Prayer was on a Thursday, the 30th. day of April 1863

4+30+18+63= 115 Psalm 115 fits.

By the President of the United States …

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Sir Francis Galton made the Appointed Times List For His Soul Saving Invention.

It is not for his continued studies into his cousin Charles Darwin’s work where he creates the term eugenics. A favorite term of Planned Parenthood, an organization supported by the Bill Gates Foundation who, by the way, was discussing the idea of a Pandemic just before one came out.

Wouldn’t it be nice for someone …

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Let Us Never Ever Forget We Have Enemies of Christ and They Infiltrate.

We are coming up on our 21st anniversary of 9/11, and Father and I want you to see why history repeats and who is behind it.

Jesus came for the children of Israel first, but as they were stubborn, he turned to the gentiles insisting we be witnesses to them as well and how the …

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Removing the Fear Factor

1 John 4:18 KJV (18)  There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

I am far from perfect but I will give it a try I know my God is.

John 14:23-31 KJV (23)  Jesus answered and said …

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The Monarchy

The image is of a butterfly. The Queen of England loves butterflies, and England is where this is found,  along with hundreds of others; why did some supernatural force which remains invisible make these?

Not so invisible, they were made with balls of light, the same we find in Genesis 15:17 a lamp Lucifer once …

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Counterproductive Fishing

Jesus knew how to fish and where to fish; the different side of the boat is a metaphor for fishing for men; in this lesson, every religion has divisions within it. Mormons one insists on many wives, the other side one wife, Seventh Day Adventists spun off Branch Davidians, Catholicism (Roman separated from the Church …

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Sticks and Stones

Children who have grown up in Alcoholic homes have been berated by name calling. It is a sad person’s way of making themselves seem significant over another.  I remember well when I got my call, a man referring to himself as a “Reverand” told me they had another spelling for the name dirtbag and proceeded …

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The Curse

In a Protestant Authorized Version of the Bible, the KJV, the word curse appears 101 times in 92 verses.

The word cursed 72 times in 68 verses, curses eight times, eight verses, cursing 12 times in 12 verses, and the word curseth ten times in 10 verses.  Genesis 12:3, Numbers 24:9, and Proverbs 30:11 are …

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hosts of heaven sending Satan into the pit.

Finding The Missing Five Holy Fathers or are Two Imposters not even part of the SEVEN?

If imposters exist, why, and where are they taking their followers?

A house divided against itself cannot stand; the word tells us that the lost will know us by our love.  If the lost are looking in, and they are, they also have opinions, and their decision against Christ is that there is no order …

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